Plagiocephaly Cushion White


Pillow to avoid plagiocephaly in babies.

Avoid and prevent the flattening of a baby's head. With its opening in the center, pressure is distributed throughout the head.

Ergonomic, soft, and washable cover. Made of highly breathable materials.

Can be used for newborns in the crib, baby nest, or stroller. Recommended by pediatricians.

Off-white color. Can be washed in a washing machine.

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Cojín desarrollado para prevenir el aplanamiento de la cabeza.

Puede ser usado desde el nacimiento.

Calidad y seguridad del sueño. 

Lavable en lavadora.

Divertida forma de osito.

Cojín plagiocefalia de la marca Bo Jungle.

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Cuna nido de colecho de bebé


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