Cushions anti-rollover Gingham B&W


Cushions anti-rollover to control the baby's position while sleeping and avoid he or she always sleeping in the same position and avoid plagiocephaly. 

With these bumpers anti-rollover, we help them sleep sideways without the risk that the baby ends up facing down. 

The width can be adapted to the baby's size. 

Recommendations of use: 

Use it since birth until the children learn to turn around on their own. 

We advise to put the baby every time on a different side. 

Perfect for babies that regurgitate a lot and need it to rest better. 

Removable and washable

Use it preferably during the daytime (unless recommendation by the pediatrician, avoid using it at night).

Soft organic cotton and breathable. 



Envíos en 24-48h laborables.

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