Cuña antireflujo para cama de niño o cuna

Cradle or bed anti-reflux wedge


Anti-reflux wedge for cradle or bed.

The wedge has the optimal incline recommended by professionals to reduce gastroesophageal reflux and to improve breathing. Its inclination promotes the natural development of your child's spine, improves nasal congestion (thus avoiding ear infections), and digestion.

It helps your child sleep quietly and safely thanks to this slanted cushion.

Can be used in the large cradle or bed, no age limit.

Measurements: 55 cm x 46 cm x 9 cm (the steepest part) Must be placed under the mattress.

Features: Nucleus contacplus, material that promotes the postural hygiene of the baby during their rest.

Outer fabric perforated ED grillee, allows for correct air circulation and ventilation.


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Composición: Espuma de poliuretan , cumple con los requisitos ecológicos-humanos del Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. Tejido exterior técnico 3D inhifugo. 

Núcleo contacplus, un material que favorece la higiene postural del bebé en su descanso, mantiene la máxima higiene al permitir una correcta circulación del aire y ventilación.

Tejido hipoalergénico, transpirable, anti bacterias, anti hongos y anti ácaros. Tejido exterior: rejilla 3D microperforada.