• Medidas cuña antireflujo para nido Petite Marmotte

Baby nest anti-reflux Wedge


📦 Envíos en 24-48h laborables.

Anti-reflux wedge ideal for babies who suffer from reflux, infant colic, or are congested and need an incline to breathe better. It prevents regurgitation and guarantees better sleep.

Recommended for newborns. Raising the upper body means that stomach acids do not rise and do not reach the throat. It also improves breathing, especially when babies have a cold and prevents ear infections.

The wedge has the 15% pediatric-recommended inclination and should be placed under the baby nest mattress.

Measurements: 42 cm x 27 cm x 6.5 cm high (at the top). Certificated Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Más información y consejos

📦 Envíos en 24-48h laborables.

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