about us Petite Marmotte

A story of three generations

Behind Petite Marmotte is the dream of a mother and a daughter who decided to put all their care and experience into creating products that help improve the sleep of babies to make them “little dreamers”.

Petite Marmotte launched the first baby nest made from organic cotton designed and manufactured in Spain. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for the baby to help them sleep better.

Who doesn’t dream of a good night’s rest after the arrival of a baby? Who doesn’t dream of being a better example for their children? Who doesn’t dream of making this world a better place? Welcome to our dream!

Petite Marmotte, dreams come true. Paula y Margarita.

With organic cotton, our children and the planet will have a better future.

Organic cotton protects your baby’s skin

The skin of a newborn is very delicate and it absorbs any substance very easily. Dressing your baby in clothing made with organic and toxin-free cotton reduces the possibility of them getting sick or having an allergic reaction to the use of pesticides. Also, organic cotton fabric can withstand the washer and dirt comes out of it more easily.

It is especially recommended for babies with skin-issues.

Organic Cotton is environmentally friendly

It uses half as much water as regular cotton and doesn’t use any type of pesticide or toxic components that can damage the environment.

Organic Cotton helps promote better work laws

The GOTS (Global Organic Textil Standard) certification for textile products promotes fair trade and protects the labor rights of the workers that produce it.

Organic Cotton