Baby Checklist

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Now we have a sensible answer to the question “What should I get for you as gift?” Imagine a wedding registry but for your baby!

The arrival of a baby is a very special moment and for sure you are looking for the best for your little one. As well, many people will want to give you a special gift and don’t always know what you want or need.

Here you can choose all the articles you want from our website: everything you would be delighted to be given.

Open the Baby Checklist

Advantages of making a Baby Checklist with us

Creating the checklist with us is completely free and we can advise you so that you get what you really need.

We take care of sending a beautiful and personalized email to everyone you want to participate in your baby checklist.

You will access a private area where you will be able to see the gifts they are giving you and thank them for these gifts.

Advantages for your friends

They will be sure to get the right gift and they can send you a personalized congratulatory message.

Easy and convenient, the invitation takes them directly to your private registry, where they will see the gifts sorted by price. There are options for every budget.

Personalized attention to help them with any questions that may arise and ease of payment.

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