How Are Our Baby Nests Different?

El nido perfecto
Uso de nido como reductor

It simulates the mother's womb

Your baby will sleep better in our baby nest because its design imitates the mother’s womb. That is where they feel most comfortable, calm, and safe.

Uso de nido como reductor

A safe mattress

The most important thing for Petit Marmotte is your baby’s and your sleep. Our baby nests are specifically designed as a safe sleeping area. Your baby will have their own space near you and you can sleep peacefully.

Colecho seguro
Colecho seguro
Reductor de cuna

Like a small cradle

Your baby will feel so safe in our baby nest that they won’t notice the transition to the cradle. Baby nests are specifically designed with measurements to fit any cradle or mini-cradle.

Uso de nido como reductor de cuna

Your baby is always close at home or while traveling

Because of their weight and characteristics, our baby nests are so easy to transport that you can have your baby around while you work or rest. Place the baby nest near you at home or take it with you on a trip. Your baby will feel safe and sleep better.

Con el nido, tu bebé siempre cerca
Tu bebé siempre cerca
Como zona de juegos

A multifunctional nest

When your baby is awake, our baby nest helps support their back and cushions movement when they begin to sit up. You can use it as a changing station thanks, to its bottom opening, as a protective play area or while watching TV. Your baby will use the baby nest for a long period of time.

Uso de nido como zona de juegos

Baby Nest + Anti-reflux pillow

You have the option to add our anti-reflux pillow into the baby nest. It is an ideal accessory to prevent or relieve your baby’s reflux, colic, and nasal congestion by providing gradual elevation for the right amount of support.

Cuña antireflujo
Cuña antireflujo

You can extend the use of the baby nest for a longer time!

Nido con apertura inferior

Bottom opening

Thanks to the bottom opening with clips, your baby will be able to to use the baby nest for a longer period of time. Additionally, you are able to use it as a changing station when it is open.

The cover is completely removable

You can wash the baby nest’s cover when necessary or put on a different cover for a change of style.

Como zona de juegos

Bed bumper

We want the baby nest to grow with your baby. We sell covers so that the baby nest roller can also serve as a bed bumper and as a barrier for the bed, play area, and to facilitate the transition from the baby nest to the cradle. We sell just the cover, but also the cover together with the roller.

Uso de nido como zona de juegos
El nido que crece con tu bebé